Bipolar Grounding Pads

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Bipolar Grounding Pads

▪ YT Healthcare PLATE - single-use Neutral Electrode Grounding Pads (Diathermy Pads / Neutral-Electrodes) for HF-surgery.
▪ Made of 1mm PE-Foam and contain a medical grade acrylic adhesive or hydrogel on the aluminum foil.
▪ Pads are available in adult, child/infant and premature sizes.
▪ Pads come as a single plate, split pad, or with preattached cables.
▪ Custom grounding pads are available upon request.

YT Healthcare Electrosurgical Grounding Pads

are compatible with the most commonly used HF-surgery devices

meet the requirements of ISO IEC 60601-2-2:2009 (International Standard) and are suited for all standard HF-surgery devices

the maximum temperature rise under standard load according to ISO IEC 60601-2-2 is typically < 4°C. Limit according to the Standard is < 6°C

the NE contact-impedance is typically 1 Ohm (for adult size electrodes)

the shelf life is at least 24 months in the originally sealed bag

The advantages of YT Healthcare Grounding Pads:

Stays in place - The adhesiveness of the foam border and of the conductive gel make sure that the electrode will not come off. This means that there is practically no burning danger.

Ready to be used - Just remove the protective liner and apply the electrode on the prepared skin. There is no additional gel required!

Highly flexible with excellent skin compatibility - Gel and adhesive foam are tolerated even by a sensitive skin. There is no gel left on the skin after the application.

International Standard-Meet the requirements of ISO IEC60601-2-2:2009

Shelf Life-The shelf life is at least 24 months in the originally sealed bag

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